It is important to remember that investments carry a degree of risk. When investing, your principal is at risk.
The following risk factors is not an exhaustive list nor a comprehensive explanation of the risk involved.
Project Failure Risk
A key differentiator of the platforms is our strong focus on project fulfillment and payout. As much as P2P Nusa Kapital is legally protected from such unwanted scenarios, we understand that this is of key importance to our long-term sustainability. Typically, when dealing with SMEs, the common risk is project delays, although business failure is a real risk. SMEs may also be unwilling to priorities payouts, even when they are able to do so. Hence please be prepared to bear the economic and financial risk of losing your entire investment.
We are unable to remove these risks, but have identified the following to mitigate these risks, as well as to minimize the impact on our community should these unwanted scenarios materialize:
  • Encourage the crowd to diversify their investments across multiple campaigns, to lower overall portfolio.
  • Dedicated staff to make physical visits and follow ups to ensure SMEs are on-track.
  • Ensure SMEs raising funds have purchase orders to provide some certainty that there will be cash inflow in the near term to pay.
  • Work with partners (SME associations) who can assist in monitoring the performance of their SME members, and to provide peer pressure to ensure payouts are
  • In the medium-term, we will develop new methods of credit screening, including psychometric
Security risk
Our business is largely online. Therefore, ensuring the security of the system is key. P2P Nusa Kapital will implement a high level of security both on the back-end and the front-end in developing the platform to ensure users digital safety and personal data is given highest priority. The following highlights our building blocks for system integrity and security:
  • SSL certificate is incorporated in the system to ensure the user information and database are protected at all times
  • MD5 encrypt and decrypt technology is used for user password and personal info protection
  • The P2P Nusa Kapital server will also manually be backed up daily to conserve the information in the database (secondary backup system). We also have a mirror server which forms our backup in the case of a compromise on the main server (see business continuity).
In terms of the front-end security of users, investors and issuers will have to log in to the Platform with a username and password.
To increase security, we will require users to create a password with at least 8 characters, including one capital letter, one small letter, and one number). Furthermore, all major transactions will have increased security through captcha.
Political Risk
P2P Nusa Kapital has a strict policy of being apolitical to ensure that we are inclusive, and also to prevent being involved in any political sensitivities or issues.
Loss of Key Managers
A loss of one of the senior managers in the company may significantly impact P2P Nusa Kapital’s operations. To reduce this risk, P2P Nusa Kapital has hired competent employees with strong finance, marketing, and governance backgrounds. We continuously groom these employees to prepare them for a senior manager role.
Additionally, the availability of three senior managers (with over 10 years’ experience in legal, finance, or entrepreneurship) reduces the key-man risk for P2P Nusa Kapital.
Economic slowdown
A slowdown in the economy is likely to increase the credit risk profile of most SMEs in Malaysia. This is likely to increase default risk. In a situation like this, P2P Nusa Kapital will become increasingly selective in our deal selection. SMEs looking to raise financing will be stress- tested to determine whether or not they are able to repay investors in a worst-case scenario.
Information or Materials
You may not be given all the financial, business or other information of the Issuers which could be relevant for an investment decision. Further, in preparing and obtaining the information hosted on the Website, whilst reasonable care is taken to ensure reliability and accuracy, P2P Nusa Kapital Sdn. Bhd. and its associates, directors, employees and partners does not guarantee to its content and completeness and does not accept any liability for losses which arise from relying on the documents hosted.
You should read all information and documents carefully and do your own research before committing yourself. Neither the offering being made on the Website nor the registration of the Website with the Securities Commission Malaysia, is to be taken as an indication of the merits of the offering

Jurisdictional Limitations
P2P Nusa Kapital is a registered market operator for the P2P Platform (www.nusakapital.com) governed under Guidelines on Recognized Markets (Chapter 13: Peer-to-Peer Financing Platform) of Securities Commission of Malaysia.
Any investment on the P2P Platform will be subjected to the laws and regulations of Malaysia. Foreign investors may also be subjected to additional tax liabilities, transaction costs and capital controls based on the country of tax residency status.
Applicable law(s) may change from time to time. All investment terms and conditions shall be based on the law in effect at the date of Issuance. No assurance can be provided with regards to the plausible impact and effect from conceivable judicial decision or amendment to the law or administrative practice after such date of Issuance.