Negeri Sembilan, Malaysia
22/01/2022 - 30/01/2022
Reference No : NK-22012022-MD-0001


MSAC Engineering Sdn Bhd (MSAC) is looking to raise fund for acquiring additional canopies to accommodate increased bookings. 


MSAC is in the business of supplying canopies for events. Their business strategy has taken advantage of the Movement Control Order period to acquire under-utilized canopies to their inventory. As events are back on calendars, MSAC have found that their inventory is bearing fruit with countless bookings which has began to exceed their existing supply capacity.

The business model generates a healthy cash flow and carries low risk with customers’ payment upon delivery. The hands on approach of the owner further enhances operational efficiency and durability of MSAC’s inventory.


Having intimate knowledge on acquiring canopies at below market price, MSAC is raising funds to acquire a batch of under-utilized canopies to increase their supply capability to meet the convincing demand, and consequently capture the previously hard to penetrate segments of the market.


To be a household name in the area of canopy supply.


  • Low inventory acquisition cost
  • Ready supply
  • Competitive pricing
  • Canopies are in good condition


  • Funding amount is a small fraction of the existing inventory
  • Short term financing

Utlilization of Proceeds - Fundings Summary

S.No Item Terms & Conditions
1 Product Name Mudharabah Financing-i (“Facility”)
2 Purpose of the Investment Total Project Funding Amount shall be utilized by the Issuer in the following purpose and manner according to shariah principle employed in relation to the Project:
(i)Financing for acquiring additional canopies to accommodate increased bookings.
(ii)Service Fee (Wakalah Fee)
3 Project Canopy Supply Service For Events
4 Investor’s Capital The financing size is RM 27,000.00
5 Issuer (Mudharib) MSAC Engineering Sdn Bhd
6 Sector / Industry Service
7 Risk Grade 3.22
8 Expected Returns 16.00% p.a.
9 Mudharabah Profit Sharing 27.00%
10 Investment Tenure 5 months
11 Documentation 1. Mudharabah Agreement
2. Mudharabah Wakalah Letter
3. Investor Agreement
4. Issuer Agreement
12 Trustee Pacific Trustees Berhad

A mudharabah muqayyadah (restricted investment profit-and-loss sharing basis) contract will be signed between investor(s) and Thirst Company Investor(s) are not lending money or buying equity.