Selangor, Malaysia
30/03/2022 - 25/05/2022
Reference No : NK-30032022-MD-0001


Fu Xiang Yuan Enterprise (M) Sdn Bhd (FXY) is seeking to obtain capital for immediate inventory expansion to accommodate the sudden sales increase for household goods.


FXY is a trading company with vast experience importing and exporting household goods. Their extensive knowledge in this area allows them to advantageously position their inventory to take full advantage and capitalize on seasonal fluctuations of both demand and supply.


As the Covid-19 crisis began to unwind, FXY is poised to position its inventory to meet the increase in demand of the steadily opening economy. FXY is seeking immediate funds for inventory expansion to accommodate this oppotunity.


  • Intimate knowledge of demand and supply fluctuations
  • Expansive international sourcing capabilities
  • Efficient inventory system
  • Warehousing and storage capabilities
  • No credit sales

Utlilization of Proceeds - Fundings Summary

S.No Item Terms & Conditions
1 Product Name Mudharabah Financing-i (“Facility”)
2 Purpose of the Investment Total Project Funding Amount shall be utilized by the Issuer in the following purpose and manner according to shariah principle employed in relation to the Project:
(i) Inventory expansion to accommodate increased order
(ii) Service fee (Wakalah fee)
3 Project Managing Sales Increase
4 Investor’s Capital The target financing size is RM 390,000.00
5 Issuer (Mudharib) Fu Xiang Yuan Enterprise Sdn Bhd
6 Sector / Industry Trading
7 Risk Grade 2.73
8 Returns 15.00%
9 Investment Tenure 6 months
10 Documentation 1. Mudharabah Agreement
2. Mudharabah Wakalah Letter
3. Investor Agreement
4. Issuer Agreement
11 Trustee Pacific Trustees Berhad

A mudharabah muqayyadah (restricted investment profit-and-loss sharing basis) contract will be signed between investor(s) and Thirst Company Investor(s) are not lending money or buying equity.