Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
01/04/2019 - 15/05/2019
Reference No : NK-19012018-MD-0001


Seawealth Maritime Services Sdn Bhd. (SeaWealth) is looking to raise capital to increase the workforce and equipment for Vessel Maintenance and Repair contracts.


  • SeaWealth is a specialist in marine transportation and engineering for offshore and shipyard activities such as supplying fast crew boats, tug, and other logistic marines for cargoes and others. SeaWealth also focuses on port marine facilities and maintenance.
  • Incorporated since 2013, SeaWealth has established an excellent network of manpower comprising of truly reputable professionals supported by well experienced and knowledgeable team.
  • SeaWealth aspires to be a regional player and plans to expand the business and brand footprint across the SEA and Asian regions.


  • Due to consistent demand increase in the sector, SeaWealth aims to further grow its market by expanding its capability and capacity specifically in the Vessel Maintenance and Repair segment.
  • The increase in the capable workforce as well as equipment will ensure that SeaWealth can increase its production capability and facilitate the increased demand.


SeaWealth is honored to continue servicing reputable clients which include, RSM Shipping Services, Triumph Drilling Services, Kuantan Slipway, APMM Vessel, Malive Petroleum, Semerak Shipyard and many others.


  • Seawealth Maritime Sdn Bhd holistic approach is rooted in Marine Transportation and Engineering
  • Seawealth Maritime Services Sdn Bhd has established presence in Malaysia and Southeast Asia


  • Directors’ Guarantee
  • Option for Immediate Capitalization to Investors
  • The funding amount is a small portion of the total project amount

Utlilization of Proceeds - Fundings Summary

S.No Item Terms & Conditions
1 Product Name Mudharabah Financing-i (“Facility”)
2 Purpose of the Investment Total Project Funding Amount shall be utilized by the Issuer in the following purpose and manner according to shariah principle employed in relation to the Project:
(i) Increase workforce & equipment
(ii) Service Fee (Wakalah Fee)
3 Project Vessel maintenance and repair for Semarak Shipyard Sdn Bhd and other clients
4 Investor’s Capital The target financing size is RM 120,00.00
5 Issuer (Mudharib) SeaWealth Maritime Services Sdn. Bhd.
6 Sector / Industry Marine Transportation and Engineering.
7 Risk Grade 3.37
8 Mudharabah Profit Sharing 27.00%
9 Repayment Investment below RM100,000 : Annual Repayment of Returns
Investment above RM100,000 : Monthly Repayment of Returns
10 Trustee Pacific Trustees Berhad

A mudharabah muqayyadah (restricted investment profit-and-loss sharing basis) contract will be signed between investor(s) and Seawealth Maritime Services Sdn Bhd. Investor(s) are not lending money or buying equity.

Shareholders , Directors , Keymember ( Person details)

Muhammad Azir Marzuki - Director/Ceo

  • Muhammad Azir Marzuki is an entrepreneur with a BBA. H Transport from UITM. Azir started his career in 2008 in Supply Chain with various multinational companies before running his own company in 2014.·
  • From 2008 – 2019 , He joined Hemat Marine Sdn Bhd as Operation Supervisor before being eventually promoted to Manager Offshore / Upstr.
  • Azir’s current experience in Maritime includes Manager of Product Tanker MT Windsong, Mt Episode, MT Clarity, MT Spring, MT EnVoyager, MT Fatmawati, MT Sinar Johor, Mt Sinar Bunyu, MT Sinar Busan. Manager of LPG Tanker MT Orchid Coral, MT Summer Coral.

Abdul Aziz Sulaiman - Director

  • Mr. Abdul Aziz Sulaiman is an experienced marine superintendent, till the last appointment as Project and Technical Manager at Saz Maritime Services Sdn Bhd.
  • Heavily involved in the construction of ships, directly under the care of various maritime experts in the field of ship construction, including Design, Drawing Approval, Naval Architecture, Marine Engineering, Electrical/Electronic Engineering, Quality Assurance, Quality Control, Safety etc. Exposure to the manufacturing of marine diesel engines, pumps, motors, marine electrical equipment, nautical equipment etc.
  • Some of the training and working experiences are: Manager of the supply vessel MT SAZ Supply, Tankers MT Tachibana, MT Alpha Prestige, MT Erwin, Pilot Boat BYM-1, SAZ-1 & SAZ-2, Mooring Boat BYM-2 & BYM-3, SAZ-3 & SAZ-4. Manager for tug boats of Kelang Multi Terminal Sdn. Bhd., Supervise for new ship buildings projects. Manager for dry docking of barge Blue Bayu 281, Murphy Sarawak Oil, Co. Ltd. Attended various management courses such as ABS, LR, DNV courses on ISM.

Financial Summary